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RESULTS & revenue

Strong marketing initiatives bring strong results. 54% of marketing organizations do not measure revenue contribution. Marketing teams should constantly demonstrate their value to the company and show measurable and tangible results. 

In 2017, Elavon's NA Marketing team delivered 111,000 leads and $21M in revenue contribution from 11 distinct business channels to Elavon's North American business. 
Working closely with Elavon's bank partners (U.S. Bank, 6 regional banks and 1,500 community banks) developed joint marketing campaigns that achieved a 10% - 97% lift in banker referrals (a 20% avg. lift with all banks).  
For Elavon's 3rd party re-sellers channel, generated 50% of all leads (this is the direct attribution from the business line owner) through annual payments conferences, customer conferences, direct sales, digital advertising, among others. 
Leveraged tradeshows and conferences for Elavon's commercial sales teams. With tradeshow marketing and industry trade media, garnered 50 - 60 leads per tradeshow with 5 - 6 strong prospects
Delivered marketing and expansion strategies into 23 states for the wholesale residential lending division to become one of the Top 20 lenders within two years.
Implemented new product training and branch and marketing campaign incentive plans at Cornerstone Bank that resulted in a 25% increase in households and 33% new deposit accounts by year-end.
Rebranded the company and then re-defined and improved the applicant experience for Hire Dynamics Atlanta's largest staffing agency​ that required hiring 30% more salespeople ​to meet the demand.
For Costco, Elavon's largest single partner, achieved a 30% increase in leads over a three-year period with new programs, including an in-warehouse spotlight. When growth slowed in early 2016, added a digital marketing program utilizing SEO, campaign microsites, SEO, content marketing and social media that soon grew to 15% of all inbound leads to sales teams. 
Rebranded and implemented online assets and digital customer communications for Advantage, one of thirty Intuit Quickbase developers in the U.S., that resulted in a 50% increase in new clients in one year
Achieved $1M per month in production in the first year for Primary Capital's residential mortgage lending division. This website targeted experienced homebuyers and provided an online loan application when few companies had the capability. 
Redefined Elavon's customer experience to improve and simplify the customer on-boarding process and increase time to activation with a 13% improvement in speed-to-revenue and attrition.
Delivered several large-scale, annual customer events for Elavon's third -party resellers, Airlines and enterprise-level customers as well as a few large employee leader meetings.
Developed an industry thought leadership campaign educating enterprise-level companies on the total cost of payments that resulted in numerous large-scale, large-scale implementations averaging $200,000 each in revenue. ​
Realized $4 million in that quarter from successful launch to and acceptance by 650,000 Elavon U.S. merchants for Union Pay, the leading issuer brand in Asia Pacific, tapping in to the 20 million Chinese travelers visiting the U.S. annually.
​Led this community involvement effort over three years for the Susan G. Komen organization, my company raised $1 million dollars for fight against breast cancer. Recognized at the national level as a key corporate contributor.

Re-energized and re-directed efforts for Men Stopping Violence for their annual fundraising dinner. Increased monies raised by 185% over three years.

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