BRAND building

Branding brings a company to life. It's how customers connect with your business and desire your solutions / services. Strong brands create loyal and engaged customers that make disintermediation more difficult. They also allow employees to live and embrace the brand.

Owning its Market Position: Transcard

Re-positioned a true leader in the pay-out space. Created a strong brand illustrating the movement of payments with a bolder color palette, photos with technology image overlays and saturated colors and a confident voice. 
U.S. Bank Stay Courageous
Extended the U.S. Bank Payment Solutions brand to celebrate and applaud the courage of small business owners and provide them with information to better run their businesses. 
Establishing Credibility: Primary Capital

For one of the top Freddie Mac multi-family lenders in the country, created a brand that truly represented its leadership position as one of the Top 30 Seller/Servicers within the industry.
Modernizing Costco-Elavon Payments

Updated the messaging, style and design for a more modern and interactive look to better engage Costco members, and to reflect the challenges of a small business in an evolving payments world.
Clarity for Advantage

For Advantage, a leading Intuit QuickBase developer and one of 33 in the U.S., created a friendly, approachable brand to represent the accessibility of the technology and the ease of doing business with the company.
Elavon's Place in Payment Processing

To better represent Elavon's place as a top five global payment processor, created a polished and sophisticated corporate brand as well as simplified the language and use of industry jargon.
Cornerstone's Break-out Brand

Created a vibrant and witty, break-out brand -- in a world of conservative, navy and burgandy branded banks -- that enabled this new community business bank to stand out in a very crowded marketplace.
Storytelling for Hire Dynamics

For the largest temporary staffing agency in Atlanta, developed a brand story based on the company's unique culture and growth. 
Boldly Branded Elavon Offices 


Created a warm and welcoming environment that encouraged employees to interact and engage with the brand through impact walls featuring customers, employees and community partners; bold statement walls; and a company timeline. Work was completed over one weekend and on the following Monday, there was a tremendous positive response from employees.
Providence: Where History Meets Modern

Built an inspirational brand around a historical couple combined with modern messaging and imagery for a new 38-unit brownstone community located in a historic area.
Winton Machine: Built Ford Tough

To emphasize that all their tube bending machines are made in the U.S.A. and can stand  up to heavy usage, developed a brand that played off the well known Built Ford tough campaign.


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